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PepeShiba, the two hyped forces have joined together to create an explosion in the BSC space

we try the imposible

Hype is what makes a token great and so does the community spirit so what better way would that be than to combine two of the most hyped icons in our space together with 0% fees on buys and sells 😆

This is the meme coins meme coin and we want everybody onboard, let’s make BSC great again with PepeShiba.

OUR Tokenomics





1 Billion

Upcoming Plans

Phase 1

- Gather Team
- Release Website
- Release WhitePaper
- CA Creation (Pinksale SAFU)
- Audit CA (Pinksale SAFU)
- Create TG/Twitter
- Pinksale KYC
- Create Pinksale Fairlaunch Pool

Phase 2

- Burn Initial 50% Tokens
- Launch PepeShiba
- Big Marketing Push
- CMC Listing
- CG Listing
- Avdex Listing
- 1000 Holders

Phase 3

- Bigger Marketing Push
- Youtube Videos
- TikTok Videos/Influencers
- Partnerships
- Tier 2 CEX
- Tier 1 CEX
- 5000 Holders

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